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The book of Ruth is an amazing piece of divine literature.  Page for page perhaps no other book in the Bible yields such a high concentration of spiritual truth. Its beauty, language and symmetry are unmatched in the Word of God.  Timeless principles set forth a truthworthy pattern for Christian growth  and development.

  • Ruth: The Stranger
  • Ruth: The Servant
  • Ruth: The Suppliant
  • Ruth: The Satisfied

Author: Ronald M. Steinbrenner is the Senior Minister of Christcity Church, a multi-ethnic congregation serving the metro-Edmonton region in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  His ministry is marked by a calling to preach the Word of God, train spiritual leaders, and establish churches on solid scriptural foundation.  His teaching ministry and materials have benefited and inspired thousands of church leaders and believers throughout the nations. He has an unrelenting passion that people experience the power of worship, prayer and felt-Presence of God.

71 Pages (9×5.5)