A Strategic Blend of Spiritual Ministry, Biblical Education, And Practical Service

Christcity Theological Institute, est. 1996, is a recognized Bible College authorized to offer Divinity Programs under the Province of Alberta, Canada. CTI currently offers a 1-Year Certificate of Theology, a 2 Year Certificate of Theology, and a 3-Year Diploma of Theology.

CTI operates as an off-campus, self study program This allows for new students to join the program on any given month as it cycles through 36 modular courses (1 per month). Graduation is held at the beginning of June each academic year.

This program culminates in 32 credits per academic year, 24 credits earned through 12 monthly courses, 6 credits earned for transcribing Sunday sermon notes, and 2 credits earned for Practical Ministry. This fulfills 96 credits of study for a 3-year Diploma of Theology.

At CTI Edmonton, classes are held once per month on the first Wednesday evening.
Classes are available for audit as well as for credit. Registration information and the course catalogue is available upon request.

CTI Centres

  • Edmonton
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Philippines

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