Vision Offering 2021

Each year we receive a special offering designated to Christcity building, Facilities and Ministry expansion.

Please consider giving through one of these avenues:

  1. In-Person at the Reception desk. One time giving or throughout the year indicated by a designation on your tithe envelope.
  2. Online Bank Transfer- (see instructions below) Please designate “Vision Offering” in the message box on your E-transfer. 


At Christcity we want to provide a quick and convenient way for you to give.  Please contact the church office if you require assistance with any of the payment options.
  1. Tithes and Offerings are collected during Drive-In Church.  Please enter and line up at the Reception desk.
  2. Reception Desk: The reception desk is open during the week.  Feel free to stop by during office hours.  We will accept payment by Cash, Cheque or Debit for tithes and offerings.
  3. Transfer money from your bank account for Tithe and Offerings.  All you need is access to online banking and after the initial set-up you can make your payments conveniently from home or anywhere you have a connection.


  • Login to your online bank account.
  • Find the e-transfer or Interac e-Transfer link your bank provides in their menu.
  • Add Recipient: Christcity   Email Address:
  • On your first transfer, please include your contact information for tax receipt purposes by adding your legal name and current address into the message box.  
  •  If you would like to designate special offerings please indicate in the message box the amount and designation.  (Vision Offering, Benevolence, Missions) 

Autodeposit enabled – You are sending money to CHRISTCITY CHURCH LTD., who has set up Autodeposit. The money will be automatically deposited into their account without the need for them to answer a question, so please make sure the email address and recipient name are correct.

The Bible is clear concerning tithes, offerings, and alms.

Tithes are 10% of our gross income, given with great joy and gratitude to the Lord.

Offerings are gifts over and above the tithe, offered at the discretion and generosity of the giver.

Alms are an offering of compassion and generosity given to the less fortunate.

* In order to receive a receipt for tax purposes; your name, address and postal code must be clearly identifiable on your envelope.  Year end giving must be post marked or received at the church by December 31st. Receipts are mailed out in the name of the contributor, no later than February 28 of the next year.

* If you move within a tax year- please update the office by filing in a community form at the Reception Desk or by choosing ‘Community Form’ under the ‘Join Us’ Menu above.