Thank You for Registering your Children.  This information will be transferred to our in house check in system within 24 Hrs.

One Registration or update is required each year for each child.  Registration for all programs.  (with the exclusion of Kids Choir, which is seasonal and by registration only)

Visitors:  If you are visiting just for the day, please feel free to skip this step and check in manually at the Park Desk before 10AM or at dismissal.  Please find all the related classroom details on the Kids Page.


By filling in this form you give permission for the children listed to participate in the programs and special events of Christcity Church. I release Christcity church from liability for injury or losses related to their participation and authorize them to take action to protect my child and/or arrange for medical care if needed. I herby grant permission for you to photograph and/or video my children and use them as part of production, advertising, or displays. I herby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the product for advertising or other copy that may be in connection with. This form also authorizes the use of on site computerized check in for name tags and a record of attendance.