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The Word of God is the most powerful and important book that we will ever read and live by.  When we value His word above everything else, the Holy Spirit will change us into the image of Christ.  There will be tremendous release of the His Holy Spirit anointing and power into every area of our lives.  This 7 week study will encourage you to sharpen your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, to apply every aspect of His word to every place He has set you.  It is time for the Church to rise up in strength and victory, to live abundantly in Christ, to wield the Word of God as the most powerful weapon against our enemies, and to fulfill our God purpose within us!

Author: Jen Armstrong has a burning passion to empower others with the written Word of God, to see them live for Christ passionately, and to rise up in their prophetic destiny.  She has devoted her life to study, teach and preach the Word of God.  Jen Armstrong is the Women’s Pastor at Christcity in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

7 Week Study  187 pages (9×7)