Sunday 10AM Service

Nursery:  Babies 0-2 yrs for the full service length.

Preschool in the Park: Age 2, Age 3, Age 4

CityKIDS in the Square: Kindergarten to Grade 4

PreTeen Class in Forsythe Hall: Grade 5/6

*Children age 2- Grade 6 are dismissed to class after worship.

Computerized Check-In has resumed.  Please complete an Online Registration to update your current information. iPads and computers are available for check-in upon arrival.  For assistance please see the attendant at the Park Desk.

Sunday 6PM Service

Nursery:  Babies 0-3 yrs for the full service length.

Preschool Childcare: Age 3-6

KIDS Choir: ChristcityKIDS in Grade 1-8.  Separate registration required.  Registration opens in September and January.


If you are visiting for the day, please feel free to check in manually by going to the Registration Desk in the West Hallway (toward the back parking lot)

This desk has an attendant until 10am and during dismissal.

When you are ready to fill in a permanent registration and utilize our quick computerized check in system- click the button to Register.

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If you need specific information or would like to give us more information about caring for your child, please feel free to email us.

About ChristcityKIDS

When you arrive at Christcity on a Sunday morning, you will be welcomed and directed to the kids registration desk found in the west hallway.  There we will assist you with a visitor check-in and answer any questions about our children’s ministry programs.

Our priority is to provide a safe and loving environment to support the family during all of our weekly programming.  For added security we use a computerized check in system.  To take advantage of this express check in system please register your children. (the registration link is found at the bottom of this page.) After we have received your registration we can add you to our in house check in system and you will be able to use the touch screen computers or iPads to check in before each service and a name tag and preschool security slip will be printed.

At Christcity we believe that it is important that our children worship with us.  Our children join us for our main time of corporate worship, and are dismissed to their classes before the preaching of the word.


Elementary Children: (East Hallway)

Please proceed to your assigned classroom and line up at the door.

Preschool: (West Hallway)

  1. Parents, please escort your children to the Park Hallway.  Please line up with your child and assist them with the hand sanitizer.
  2. Children will be allowed to enter when the gate opens. * Children who need assistance walking to their classroom may have a parent walk them to the doorway.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the room.

Elementary Kids will be dismissed at the end of class. Please arrange with your children how you would like to meet up at the end of service.  Children may wait in the classroom at the parents request.

Preschool:  Parent Pick Up is required. The children will be lined up and waiting for you beside the Park Desk Counter.  Please come promptly at the end of the service.