Classes will resume this Sunday May 30th for Age 3& 4, K-Grade 6.

Please register for a Children’s Ticket to attend.

(If the tickets have sold our for your program, please obtain a General Seating Ticket for your child.)


Currently we have weekly ticket registration for Sunday Services which includes a Children’s Ticket to attend class. Because class sizes are limited in order to allow for distancing, a children’s ticket is required to attend class.  If there are no children’s tickets available, please obtain a general auditorium seating ticket for your child and they can stay in the adult service with a parent.  Family seating is available in the Foyer and the Park Hallway as well.


  1. Register for the appropriate Children’s Ticket. (Thursday 6pm)
  2. Sunday morning, please bring a digital or hard copy of your ticket email. Your tickets will be scanned at the entrance.
  3. UPON ARRIVAL- Please proceed to the ChristcityKIDS table in the Foyer.  Each child will be assigned to a classroom and given a coloured wristband.  Wristband is REQUIRED for entrance to class.
  4. Please keep yourself up to date with current provincial health guidelines. We appreciate being made aware of individual exemptions for children who have them.  This helps us to communicate instructions in a fair way to your child.  Please use the contact us link below.
  5. If your child(ren) have any medical/behavioural/food allergy information that you feel we need in order to care for your child, please contact us by using the link below.

Note to Parents:

If there is information you feel we need to know about your children please use the ‘Contact Us’ button below to email us with questions or information specific to your children.  If you would like to speak to the Children’s Pastor on a Sunday morning please see the attendant at the main Reception desk.

Our team is trained and ready to care for your children.  Parents are not authorized to enter the classrooms.

After Worship the children will be dismissed to class.

Elementary Children: (East Hallway)

Please proceed to your assigned classroom and line up at the door.  Wristband required for entry.

Preschool: (West Hallway)

  1. Parents, please escort your children to the Park Hallway.  Please line up with your child and assist them with the hand sanitizer.
  2. Children will be allowed to enter when the gate opens. * Children who need assistance walking to their classroom may have a parent walk them to the doorway.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the room.

Elementary Kids will be dismissed at the end of class. Please arrange with your children how you would like to meet up at the end of service.  Children may wait in the classroom at the parents request.

Preschool:  Parent Pick Up is required. The children will be lined up and waiting for you beside the Park Desk Counter.  Please come promptly at the end of the service.

Family Seating Areas:

The Nursery is  available for one parent to sit with their children under the age of 3.  A live feed of the service is also playing in the room.

The Mother’s Room is reserved for nursing mothers.  Also with a live feed from the auditorium.

*Please be respectful of each other during the use of family areas.  Parents are responsible for their children at all times.  Please bring quiet activities for your children to engage in during the sermon.